The Butchershop Crew

We create amazing things for amazing brands.

But enough about you. Let's talk about us.

Trevor Hubbard

Partner + Executive Creative Director

Over the last 15 years, Trevor has led hundreds of award-winning brand transformations, product launches, and marketing strategies. His work has shaped the trajectories of startups and global brands alike, including The San Francisco Giants, C3 Energy, Google, Microsoft, Lennar, Okta, Vodafone, and Zuora. Trevor holds degrees in film studies and multidisciplinary design. He lives in Mill Valley, California with his girlfriend, their son, Cash, and their daughter, Cade. They love to ski and travel.

Ben McNutt

Associate Creative Director

Ben’s work has spanned across advertising, brand consulting, and design to lead differentiated solutions for emerging companies and global brands, including Samsung, Whole Foods, Google, and Lucas Films. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, The One Show, TDC and others. Ben studied literature and philosophy at Duke and Oxford University. His first job was crewing a boat up and down the Eastern seaboard. He almost always prefers to be outside.

Katherine Cambouris

Global Head of Operations

Katherine oversees the global business initiatives and project processes of Butchershop. She is known for keeping two steps ahead of what’s coming next to ensure the agency runs at its best for our clients and our teams. Her leadership has transformed the Aria in Las Vegas into the branded world of Okta’s annual user conference, created a cult design fair in a 20,000 sq. ft. pop-up space in Nolita for over 50 participants and 30 thousand attendees – and a lot more. Originally from New York, Katherine began her career in fashion.

Misha Vladimirskiy

Partner + Director of Content

As a founding partner, Misha takes pride in making creative contributions to Butchershop through film and photography. He sees collaborations with clients as opportunities to build longstanding partnerships.

Sasha Vladimirskiy


Sasha founded Butchershop with Trevor and Misha on the premise that everyone should have fun. He brings empathy and objectivity to the work. When he’s not researching emerging technologies, you can find him hiking the trails of California.

Ryan Henbest

Design Director

Ryan brings over a decade of expertise building unique design experiences for lifestyle, technology, and health science brands. As Design Director, he works with our clients to identify the design needs of their project and leads our design teams to deliver on them. He believes every touchpoint is a brand experience, and his leadership covers the full spectrum of design – from traditional on-shelf packaging to unique digital applications. Ryan looks like a hardcore cyclist because he is one.

Kenny Chan

Art Director

Kenny has spent his career at the intersection of advertising and design to create stunning visual experiences. Whether in lifestyle, fashion, retail or hospitality, his work consistently takes brands to another level of impact and clarity. Spanning traditional art direction and interactive experiences, his work has been recognized by numerous awards, including Hermes, AVA, Transform and others. Outside the office, Kenny designs jewelry and shoots photography. (Ask him about his Pinterest following.)

Ian Ernzer

Principal Designer

A multidisciplinary designer with over 10 years of experience, Ian has launched brands and produced creative for Fortune 500 companies in a range of B2B and B2C verticals in technology, action sports and fashion. While at Dolby, his team was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product and experience design. Ian values quality and simplicity, believing human connection and perception lie at the core of clear creative solutions. To top it all off, Ian has surfed six continents — next stop, Antarctica.

Tony DeKleine

Principal Designer

Tony has designed award-winning digital brand experiences with companies such as Apple, Vans, Google and The North Face. He’s an icon-designing ninja with years of experience in a diverse skill set that includes motion graphics, illustration and digital design. Combine that with a strong desire to teach and mentor, and you’ve got one badass designer. Tony’s also our resident jiu jitsu-practicing, punk-listening, letterpress-operating vegan.

Cody Beard

Content Manager

Cody is the bridge between design and development, ensuring a site’s functionality works in tandem with its design. He believes collaboration is crucial to a team’s success and always encourages people to share ideas, knowledge and perspectives openly throughout the process. With experience as a project manager, Cody knows what it takes to get to the finish line. He paints under a pseudonym and openly admits to liking “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

Sara Cobaugh

Senior Strategist

Sara’s expertise in brand strategy and concept development brings a fresh perspective to every project she touches. After earning an M.S. at VCU Brandcenter, Sara worked at top-tier ad agencies in North Carolina and LA on global brands like, Pepsi, and Citrix. She received the Pick of the Litter Award from the 4A’s and Miami Ad School for outstanding strategy work as a young account planner. Sara believes some of the best insights can be found by watching The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and Frasier.

Dustin Butler

Technical Director

With over 20 years of software engineering and consulting experience for small to enterprise companies including Apple, Adobe, and Salesforce, Dustin has the technical and business prowess to develop apps of scale across a multitude of industries and platforms. He enjoys the art of engineering—architecting and implementing solutions that fulfill the product’s technical, business, and human needs. Though Dustin avoids bugs in his code, he spends his free time outdoors with his family.

Melanie Huff

Senior Developer

Melanie turns kickass designs into kickass websites. She has eight years of experience building custom websites, web applications and software for global companies, such as Lexmark, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Sony. Melanie’s background as a full-stack developer allows her to see the big picture, ensuring each project is functional and information is delivered to the user in the most efficient way. She’s eager to learn, always pays close attention to detail and hopes to one day invent a beach-proof laptop.

Darren Wong

Front-end Developer

A true wizard at web development, Darren translates our designers’ work into a web-ready format that’s both beautiful and functional. He has programmed for a wide-variety of companies such as Okta, Zuora, and Haufe; yet his approach has always remained the same — keep things simple. If a six-year-old can navigate the site, Darren feels he has succeeded. While his spirit animal is a cactus, the real animal in his life is a fluffy chow chow named Kora.

Shawheen Khorshidian

Senior Designer

With an eclectic background that ranges from Architectural Design to Oil Portraiture, Shawheen brings a fresh perspective to whatever project he’s working on. The multifaceted designer has helped numerous companies — including Okta, AppDynamics, and The Battery — create installations that exemplify function and form. Shawheen won’t stop till he meets Jay Z and Queen B. Then he’ll stop.

Jimmy Wong


Jimmy believes, when it comes to design, you’ve just gotta go for it. He loves taking ordinary things and making them come to life. And he’s an eagle scout, so yeah, pretty good at tying knots.

Lewis Hazen


Lewis approaches his work from a unique angle, believing inspiration can be found in unlikely places. He has experience working in Portland and California, designing for Google and Huami among other tech and fashion companies. He feels a strong concept from the beginning and creative collaboration throughout make for the best outcome. Lewis’s constant creativity keeps his designs fresh, spending his free time sketching, screen-printing, and exploring.

Devin Cornwall


Devin combines strategy, emotion, and energy to craft visual moments that engage and inspire. He designed print and environmental experiences at the San Francisco Art Institute and The Contemporary Jewish Museum, where he won a Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Environmental Design. He has also collaborated with a number of international and Bay Area artists. With an open mind and attentive ear, Devin illuminates the connection brands have with their users. And he believes the real secret to surviving a zombie apocalypse is a well-stocked library — print only.

Kyle Harrison

Junior Designer

Kyle likes to get his hands dirty. Whether it’s constructing custom wooden packaging or redrawing fonts by hand, the recent Tyler School of Art graduate proves there’s no wrong solution to making great design. His experience includes UI/UX design, illustration and animation for companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and The Gotham Club. Kyle tried visiting San Francisco, but he ended up with a job at Butchershop before he could leave.

Nina Mueller

Senior Account Manager

Nina brings to the team years of experience as an organizational leader at a digital marketing agency in the Bay Area. Fluent in German, she maintains, manages and grows our global client relationships. She makes sure logistics never get in the way of creating amazing work and has the ability to do the wave with her eyebrows. It’s pretty impressive.

Mahwesh Hansraj

Project Manager

Mahwesh solves problems with a go-getter attitude. Her passion for organization and process took her from visual design to project management, where she has six years of experience leading teams and developing full-scale project plans. Her enthusiasm for her work makes her a strong communicator, and she believes successes should be celebrated along the way. Mahwesh has a strong knowledge of digital design, brand strategy, user research and the software development lifecycle. She also has a passion for strange foods, unique travel experiences and chocolate ganache cake.

Candice Nguyen

Project Manager

Candice is blunt, to say the least. Her ability to tell it like it is keeps projects moving and everyone on the same page. Formerly a media analyst for brands like Dollar Shave Club, Walmart and Peet’s Coffee, Candice has the unique ability to inject market insight into project management. If she isn’t at a Bay Area rap show, you can find her on an ice cream tour around the city.

Sara Grossman

Project Manager

Sara coined the term “teamwork high” because she revels in collaboration. After writing briefs for Michelle Obama on the 2012 reelection campaign, Sara developed a product that allows women to pee standing up. True story. It was her first foray into project management, as she led a team of creatives from vision to product launch. Sara’s always-goal is to foster happy teams that get shit done together, and she does this with a deep understanding that productivity feeds fulfillment. When she’s not at the office, she’s in a black-box theater, performing improv.

Sara Alterman

Creative Strategist + Senior Copywriter

If you can write it, Sara’s written it. Her portfolio is a collage of award-winning brand copy, ad campaigns, editorial features, and sketch comedy. Sara has crafted brand stories for four-person startups, global enterprises, and, one time, a bed and breakfast that paid her in muffins. Sara earned her BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Rochester, her MA in Journalism from Emerson College, and her comic chops from The Second City. She thrives on terrible jokes and great expectations.

Matt Bloom

Senior Copywriter

Matt believes that every brand has a unique story to tell. And with more than a decade of experience in both advertising and journalism, he excels at telling each client’s story in a compelling way. His work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and travel guides, and he’s helped hundreds of companies—from Fjällräven and Victorinox to Marriott and Joie de Vivre—tell their story. When he’s not writing, he’s writing.

Leah Saycich

Junior Copywriter

Leah brings positivity and a detail-oriented eye to each project she touches. Working on a GIA Award-winning project in 2015, she learned that it’s crucial to establish a connection with the reader in a concise and compelling way. Her thirst for learning and her interest in different types of projects, from branding to campaign development, keep her eagerly growing. One of Leah’s favorite parts of her work is being able to collaborate with the team from a project’s start to end. And, she loves books, like a lot.

Ryan Spiers

Junior Copywriter

Ryan isn’t sure how he ended up here, but he knows what he wants to do: create content that stands out. The UC Berkeley grad loves to surprise audiences with simple, honest, and unique brand messaging. Whether it’s for a small poke restaurant or a German industry-leader, Ryan discovers each brand’s unique perspective and communicates it effectively. But in all honesty, he just wants to write a catchy jingle.

Camille Gulick

Office Manager

Camille is an avid traveler—just try and name a country she hasn’t been to. She has a blast making sure fun and productivity fill the workplace. The only thing she loves more than planning team events at work is planning team events with her triathlon club.

Lucian Novosel

Design Intern

Lucian crafts mobile and web interfaces that are beautiful both inside and out. Whether he’s using hover effects, animations, or parallax, Lucian tells stunning stories through motion. But it isn’t just design for design’s sake. He builds dynamic, lively interfaces that guide the user—which is evident in his past work redesigning’s mobile site. Lucian’s designs speak for themselves, but he still talks plenty.