Name:Trevor Hubbard

Position:Executive Creative Director and Partner

I am the Creative Director here at Butchershop Creative. My background is in documentary filmmaking which turned into graphic design, then teaching graduate-level graphic design and big idea thinking, which led to building urban big air ski and action sports events, and many other entrepreneurial projects over the years. All in all I’ve been solving problems and making brands better for almost fifteen years. I specialize in strategy, brand development, user interface and experience, responsive web design, product development and design.

As I lead the team at Butchershop Creative to be problem solvers first and foremost. I think it is wonderful to work with great companies the first time, but when they come back for more, again and again, it makes me feel like we are doing it right. I love the culture at Butchershop. It allows everyone to be themselves which is where the most inspired ideas burn. I am inspired by simple products and design which look and feel effortless.

I love San Francisco. I love to ski all over the world. I love my family. I love being a dad. You can see our adventures #cashhenry on instagram.

I look forward to sharing a conversation someday.

  • Trevor Hubbard