Project: AppDynamics Wall Design Project

Watch the newly released making of documentary here.

Recently we wrapped up a huge project with AppDynamics and we couldn’t be more excited about the results. The project consisted of 27 different walls that needed to be designed and styled for AppDynamic’s brand spanking new San Francisco headquarters. Through these designs we used the pixel to tell the story of a company that has maintained it’s personality and heart throughout it’s success.

We want to to thank Clinton Miller and Breck Brunson for their tireless effort in fabricating and installing “The Wooden Wonder”. We also want to thank Matt Cellas and his team at Martin Sign Company for working with us to print our artwork in a stellar style with supreme quality. The countless test prints and back and forth all added to the perfection and details for each wall piece. Thanks to the boys over at 1am gallery, the interpretive graffiti wall is styled beyond our conception. And of course, thank you to Brit and Melissa over at AppDynamics for having the guts to trust us and collaborate on something special. A very special thanks to the team over at Fennie Mehl Architects for trusting us with their inspiration of the “pixel.” Without their thoughts and ideas we would not have headed into the great unknown of the pixel and created some pretty cool wall concepts.

Check out some of the images and descriptions of the walls below or watch the documentary here.

  • Appropriately named "If These Walls Could Talk" Butchershop Creative designers subtly placed giant half-toned faces of influential people on the back drops of meeting rooms. All in all, there are 8 images: Monroe, Cosby, Gandhi, Einstein, Chaplin, Hepburn, Dali and Da Vinci.

  • The Magnetic Wall in the lobby space is made up of over 600 8x8 squares to create different text messages and images. Each piece is a magnet so our design team can collectively create new images and messages when needed. Each AppDynamic client has its name on a square.

  • "The Wooden Wonder" is the main prize in the AppDynamics office. Spanning 180 ft and using over 6000 6x6 inch white birch wood pieces the Wooden Wonder follows a grid that matched a nature scene that included clouds, ponds, horses and hills. It brings nature into a pretty technology-driven space.

  • "The Drip Walls" are gigantic images of an elephant and bear being showered in the colors of AppDynamics. Both images were shot in the Butchershop Creative studio.

  • "Phone Booths Are Rad" answers the question of what views of U.S. cities and London would look like from the inside of a phone booth. There are a total of 8 images, all 3D. The total space designated for this concept came to 72 ft in length by 8.6 ft high. That's a lot of 3D imagery!

  • The Ice Cream Conference Room is near AppDynamics main eating area so we wanted to play off theme of food. The imagery remains true to the pixelated theme, while also reminding us of the rewards that come from hard work.

  • Titled "Vintage Walls", the 3 images are comprised of vintage photos with geometric pixel overlays, depicting the old in tangent with the new.

  • We created a documentary about this project if you'd like to learn more about the process and what was involved.
  • The walls of "Famous Books, Art, and Music" are all pixelated images of famous and historical cultural icons - Cat in the Hat, a Michael Jackson album cover, and a Jackson Pollock painting.

  • The Graffiti Wall was done by local San Francisco graffiti artist Roberto Gonzalez. Matching the color palette of the company, he painted a near-26 foot mural that pays homage to AppDynamic and gives the room a bit of attitude.

  • "Walk With Me" is an image of a pier that fades off into the distance, inviting those who sit and stare a moment of peace and leisure as they mentally walk along their way.

  • The "Zen Room" is just that. A place to come and ease the mind. Add in a few comfy chairs and pillows and the room offers a quiet retreat in times of need.

  • Below are some behind-the-scenes photos that were captured during the production of the wall spaces. The team worked tirelessly to make sure everything was up to par and absolutely special in its own right. Next time you see one of them walking the streets, give them a celebratory hug.