The Joe Breezy Experience - An interns take on working @butchershop

Posted by Butchershop on 10.1.13


The Joe Breezy Experience - An interns take on working @butchershop

Our internship program is designed to give individuals exposure into the wild west that is a creative agency. We structure it to provide the right amount of chaos and formula so that all interns can have the space to explore and understand what type of skills they might like harness for their future careers. Interested in being our next intern? Lovely. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Here I am, 3 months later sipping my celebratory double-chocolate milkshake on my last day as an intern at the Butchershop Creative office; and what a interesting 3 months it has been.

Before I was an intern at Butchershop, I was a fan. During my first months of living in the city they had my attention after seeing their photographers taking photos of all my favorite bands. These pictures were impressive, to say the least. It seemed like every cool band that came to town, these guys were at their show. But I soon came to learn that these photos were only one part of this creative agency. The funny thing was that I didn’t even know what a creative agency was. A company who is hired to be creative…all day? This is amazing. I need to be involved. Where do I sign up? But I knew I couldn’t just hop into a work environment like this, I had to get my skills up to par. I took up a couple internships and did two years of school at SF state until I felt ready for an experience like this. I saw a post about an event they were throwing called ‘Jackalope Sessions’, an event whose purpose was to bring the collective Butchershop network together for a great night of food, drink and interesting conversations. Perfect. I could meet the crew and see if they had any room for a summer intern. Turning 21 only a few weeks earlier I was excited to be attending something like this. The office was awesome, the food was awesome, the crowd was awesome, and the free beer was awesome. I met all the guys at the office and they all responded with warm attitudes.

Fast-forward a couple weeks and there I was taking the stairs up to the third floor of 679 3rd Street for my first day. I walked into the office where four small dogs ran up to greet me, two of them being some of the most interesting looking dogs I had ever seen – they were shaved to look like a couple miniature lions. Incredible. I sat down with the crew at a large table. It reminded of the old summer camp days where everyone sits down at the same table to share all our meals. Morning chatter started off about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I couldn’t stifle my laughing. Everyday at Butchershop was truly different and I got to learn skills like photo editing, web design, copywriting, graphic design, coding, and effective research techniques. I was joined by a crew of three other interns that specialized in everything from video editing to graphic design, and surprisingly they never complained about the questions I asked. We made a great team and did some fun work together. King was our go-to man for most of our tasks and he always made sure to choose jobs that would teach us a few things as well as help the rest of the team accomplish work for clients. Everyone held an essential piece to the puzzle: Sasha working magic with coding websites, Misha working magic with photos, Patrick working magic with graphic design, Trevor working magic with magical concepts and ideas, and Alex working magic with words and management. The team is strong and can work some seriously creative voodoo.

What was truly inspiring about all the guys at Butchershop is that they were coming to work everyday with a feeling that they loved what they did. They put heart into what they do and this can immediately be seen by anyone who has worked with them. As a young man with a dream to run my own business someday I can easily say that these guys are an inspiration, not only referring to their creative capacity but also to their attitudes about life and living. Butchershop Creative is going some amazing places and I am stoked that I got to spend some time watching.

Joe Breezy Out!

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