A Happier Hour - Places Loved by the Butchershop Crew, Beverages Optional

Posted by Butchershop on 7.30.14


A Happier Hour - Places Loved by the Butchershop Crew, Beverages Optional

As fun as the Butchershop Creative offices may be, every once in a while we get the chance to step outside and explore the city and the surrounding Bay Area. There are many new watering holes, places to eat, and hole-in-the-wall treasures that we’ve come to love. So without further ado, we present our crew’s top spots to unwind and enjoy a beverage or two when not making amazing things here at Butchershop Creative. We all love being patrons and loyal to people, places, and things we appreciate.

Misha Vladimirskiy, Director of Photography and Partner

  1. Oola
  2. Trick Dog
  3. @ home

Trevor Hubbard, Executive Creative Director and Partner

  1. Gotham Club @ AT&T Park
  2. The Battery Courtyard
  3. Park Tavern (sit outside on Washington square)
  4. Home (balcony overlooking the bay)
  5. Victory Hall (close to our office, they serve pitchers of beer)

Steve Sunderland, Web Developer

  1. Dogpatch Boulders!

Austin Addis, Graphic Designer

  1. Zekes Bar
  2. Dolores Park
  3. house fire escape/balcony

Marshall Worsham, Copywriter

  1. 15 Romolo
  2. Cafe Meuse
  3. My rooftop

Cody Beard, Project Manager

  1. Yosemite
  2. Shower

Justin Hardin, Developer Intern

  1. Lake Merritt, Oakland
  2. Pier 14, San Francisco
  3. Soaking in my heated Versace Dolphin Tank
  4. Home

Hank Brown, Copywriting Intern

  1. I like movies. And limeade. So anywhere that involves those two things.

Adam Houghton, Design Intern

  1. My rooftop
  2. Barrel Head
  3. Planet Granite

Patrick Jordan, Design Intern

  1. RS94109
  2. Cup a Joe Coffee House
  3. Crissy Fields

Emma Silen, Social Media Intern

  1. Stinson Beach
  2. Comal
  3. Pegasus Books

Ed Jacoubowsky, Design Intern

  1. Hotel Utah Saloon
  2. Bourbon & Branch
  3. Vesuvio

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