ButcherBash: A Loose Checklist To Throwing An Improved Office Shindig

Posted by Butchershop on 8.11.14


ButcherBash: A Loose Checklist To Throwing An Improved Office Shindig

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As you may or may not know, Butchershop Creative throws a. With visions of charcuterie and ice luges dancing in my head, I asked Trevor Hubbard, Executive Creative Director, Partner and party mastermind, to share his secret formula for making a San Francisco office event memorable.

The two most important things? Invite a good group of people. And, keep it short and sweet.

Take heed of Trevor’s suggestions, and watch the congratulatory high fives, fist bumps roll in.



Order wine and beer selections online and have them delivered, like kegs from the Beer Guy. Keg delivery saves on trash and time. Time is money. And waste is not cool.

Limit drink options to 2 specialty drinks. The guys at the Corner Store have great knack for custom cocktails for events. We’ve used them a dozen times.

Have a self-service drink station to avoid cocktail lines.

Keep it simple. Apothecary dispensers (Google ’em) are a great way to make your own self-service punch. Find recipes online, and give them relevant names.

Surprise people with a custom ice luge design. We use Ice Illusions.

Hire Corner Store to cater with their amazing app menu. Miles and Nick are full-service and will crush your event!

Order Fatted Calf butcher paper charcuterie spreads. Use a sharpie to label the items on the paper. (Shown above)

Always have DIY desert table. We go with cupcakes from Mission Minis or donuts from Dynamo.

Keep a secret stash of great whiskey.



Know your audience. Create a really good playlist.

Bands can sometimes break up the social flow. However, The Gauchos Gypsy Band is an exception to the rule.

Fresh flowers are easy and incredible. Farm Girl Flowers are pretty darn good at what they do.

Order extra “tall boy” tables and tablecloths for standing and socializing. We use Hartmann and Classic.

A toast or welcome speech is quite nice. Keep it short and say thanks.

Raise money for charity if your event is free. At Christmas we ask people to pin money to a giant wooden holiday tree.

No one looks good under fluorescents or bright office lights. Get the right lights.



Get your team to help tidy up with the “circle rule”: any trash in your circle of conversation, pick it up and throw it out.

Have a cleaning crew come to your space the day before and right after. Don’t make your team clean up the space.

Make people say “that was well-done.” It’s the best form of memorable.

Follow up with hand written thank you notes appropriately.

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