Crossbones, a Butchershop Zine, Edition 1

Posted by Butchershop on 3.8.18


Crossbones, a Butchershop Zine, Edition 1

We live in a digital world. And we love it. Web, video, VR, AR, we love all of it. But there’s something about having a tactile piece you can pick up and hold as a medium for a message. So, as an ode to all things analog, we created Crossbones, our very first zine. The first edition celebrated all things female.

The women of the office got together to produce, write and design the zine, titling it “Several Women with Several Thought-Provoking Ideas.” Each woman chose to contribute in their own way, crafting content that held meaning to them personally and/or professionally. From crosswords and poems, to stories of iconic female designers and quotes from fearless women throughout history, the end product was an inspiring, funny and thought-provoking insight into the minds of the women of Butchershop.

We gave copies to the hundreds of people that came to the Butchershop Open House — one of the many events we held during AIGA Design Week 2017 — but the zine will live on in further editions with varying themes. Above all, it was a hell of a lot of fun to make and we couldn’t think of a better day than International Women’s Day to share it with all who couldn’t make it to the open house. Keep your eye out for another edition coming AIGA Design Week 2018!

You can download or print your own zine copy here.

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