2018 Annual Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox Winners

Posted by Butchershop on 12.17.18


2018 Annual Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox Winners

Holiday parties. They’re all the rage this year. But ain’t nothing new for this gang. We just celebrated our 9th Mistletoe, Mistakes & Memories at Scribe Winery in Sonoma, Ca. It’s a classy place, and everyone did their best not to spill wine on the furniture. We also take time during our holiday parties to hand out special awards: the Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox. The winners are awarded custom Best Made Co. axes.

The Paul Bunyan Award winner is selected by Butchershop executive team, and is given to an individual who stands for hard work, persistence, helpfulness, citizenship, and optimism. The Blue Ox Award winner is selected by peers, and goes to someone whose merits, contributions, and demeanor shine in all moments.

Meet 2018’s winners:

Nina. Tall. Speaks German. Moderately nice. Probably has a secret past she doesn’t want revealed. She operates as project overlord. With an acute sense for detail and prescient thinking, she’s always one step ahead on projects with solutions we didn’t know we needed. Nina’s also got a smile that she uses to warm the room, or to show when she’s growling at people to establish dominance. When we announced her name for the Blue Ox Award, nobody was surprised because we were all drunk by then. But really it’s because she genuinely deserves it.

Chandler. Average height. Doesn’t speak German, but speaks perfectly normal English. Designs like a madman. He shows up everyday like he runs the place, and handles projects like he’s been in the game for years. You’d never guess he was new to the industry. Naturally, he received the Paul Bunyan Award for being a hotshot whose influencing the design game and showing everyone else in the office the type of work ethic we should all strive for.

We’re proud of both winners. They embody what Butchershop stands for.

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