Most business and brand initiatives begin by defining success through KPRs or KPIs, broad or narrow future states, ROIs—different visions of what success looks like.

But how do you find the right mix of strategy, creativity, design, digital, performance, or internal buy-in to deliver on it?
Beat Failure support image
Beat Failure support image
Beat Failure support image
Beat Failure support image

We start with

a simple question:

What would make

your initiative fail?

Beat Failure® creates maximum clarity within organizations to deliver transformational growth.
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Trevor presenting the beat failure method
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When you engage with Butchershop we listen to your goals, ideas of success, and desired outcomes. Then we flip those and uncover what would make them fail to create a tailored product solution road map to prevent those failures from happening. This application is what makes us a valuable partner when navigating important moments of change. Without acknowledging potential points of failure, you can’t define the right methods to achieve your goals. Beat Failure allows us to ask the right questions that make failure serve a new purpose for your initiative.
how do we use it?
Everything we undertake at Butchershop starts with Beat Failure®.
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We gather risks and potential failure points around goals, analyze how they could manifest, and use that information to build preventative counter-strategies within the lifecycle of a project. We structure initiatives, approach problems, and deliver across large-scale moments of change—transforming points of failure into defendable strategies and paths to execute for our clients.
what is the process?
The Beat Failure method is simple, and deceptively potent.
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Beat Failure Workshop
Depending on the complexity and size of your organization, the Beat Failure Workshop (or 2-day Summit) is for multiple business units and teams. We start by understanding your inflection point, proposed strategy, and desired success outcomes. Day one is a comprehensive exploration where individuals in your company identify and prioritize potential risks and failure points. Everyone gets to voice their failure points from an individual standpoint, representation of their team, and the business. Day two is a collaborative session amongst attendees to develop solutions and defensible strategies to prevent the failures from happening. The outcome is accountability, transparency, clarity, new thinking, and plans to execute.
Clarity session in Guadalajara with our clients
Clarity Session
We lead a one or two-hour session using our Priio Beat Failure app, capturing failure points and prioritizing in real-time. Clarity Sessions are useful when you have a plan, initiative, or strategy and you want to create an action plan. This process will show you the path forward, what to focus on, and where the gaps might be. If you are an early stage startup or approaching an inflection point, the power of running a Clarity Session can set you up for maximum clarity. Hundreds of other founders and teams claim it’s the most valuable thing they’ve ever done. Find out why.

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