We’re very proud to announce 432PRESS™

432PRESS™ is our version of a bespoke printing press for art, business collateral, posters, letterpress workshops, and private letterpress events.

We’re now taking reservations for private letterpress workshops, a one-hour crash course designed to introduce you to the art and craft of letterpress printing

The Details

— A one-hour session to learn the history and basics of the art of letterpress, hosted at the Butchershop headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

— Group sessions for up to 25 people (great for corporate team building, geeking out over design, getting out of the office, or a night out with friends.).

— Price includes paper and ink materials, teacher and operator assistant, beer, and an individual custom print for each guest.

— Design your own print or give us some guidance and our designers will make something awesome for you. (Additional costs apply, includes one round of feedback.)

— Get 10% off if you post about your session on your social sites @butchershopcreative #432press

The Cost

— $1500 per session (includes paper, ink, teacher and operator assistant, individual custom print, and beer).

— Add-on Butchershop design services: $350, with one round of feedback.

The Booking

— To book a letterpress workshop, or to inquire about private events in our first-floor space, contact 432Press@butchershop.co.