A wonderful year in less than 160 seconds

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your favorite meatless Butchershop. While we don’t specialize in delicious cuts, we do specialize in a few things. Like helping leaders turn big ideas into brands people love. That means daring to do things we’ve never done before. And this year’s been full of things we’ve never done before. But we wanted to make a video highlighting the people in our world who help make it possible.

We created the World’s Greatest Internship with five other agencies around the globe and hosted two lucky interns for the first installment of their journey. (Hi, Maddy and Whitney.)

We won 22 new business accounts, including two recent highlights, Good Eggs and Mountain Hardwear. In fact, we took on more massive projects this year than ever before. One of which was creating a global employer brand, and with the help from our German and Swiss friends at Haufe, built a platform for the way people find jobs at Nike and Converse. We also launched our first consumer-goods product in the tech space with Tonal, a company that’s revolutionizing the way we exercise. Get strong.

We traveled more than ever before, too—over 1 million miles to 17 countries. Mexico, Germany, China, the Netherlands. To our partners around the world: danke für das Bier.

Back home in San Francisco, we created a guest-speaker series featuring creative, inspiring people from a variety of industries. Sleep experts, jiu-jitsu masters—the works. We also made 10 key hires and promoted three interns to full-time.

Yeah, 2018’s been a year of firsts, and 2019 will be too. Because playing it safe doesn’t make amazing.


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Fall 2018