Alphabet’s Verily gives healthcare a new start

Baseline Posters Gif

Verily is the life sciences arm of Google Alphabet.

We partnered with Verily to develop and launch a brand for their Baseline project—a five-year medical study with 10,000 participants.

The goal of the study is to collect more bio and physiological data than any other medical study to date, combining cutting-edge wearable and lab tech with Google engineering.

The Project Baseline study isn’t interested just in physical ailments, but also in the psychological aspects of those ailments that can affect one’s health—like moods and emotions.

By mapping the physical and emotional outputs of an individual (a.k.a. biomarkers), the study hopes to create a ‘search engine for the human body’ that will allow health professionals to better track the transitional decline from health to disease and vice versa.

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Winter 2017