3 Ways to Beat Failure™: Trevor on Now What? Podcast for Wix

Trevor, Global CEO at Butchershop, was recently featured on Rob Goodman’s podcast Now What? for Wix. During their conversation on remote work and leading with clarity, Trevor emphasized how operating from a failure mindset makes for a successful workplace, especially when working remotely. 

It was with this failure mindset that Butchershop was able to thrive in 2020. Here are Trevor’s top three takeaways from leading during the pandemic:

1. Embrace Transparency

Throughout the pandemic, even the simple task of delivering information within Butchershop needed to evolve. At a time when rejecting transparency around finances and work would have been easy, Trevor committed each evening to sending out company-wide emails on the business. What followed was a greater sense of inclusivity within the company, allowing for the agency’s culture to grow and strengthen even when working remotely.


2. Rethink Failure

While every company is focused on what they can do to achieve success, Butchershop is focused on beating failure. It may sound counterintuitive, but working to prevent failure creates a tangible approach to managing success. With this mindset, you aren’t just “grabbing at straws,” as Trevor told Rob. Not only is it easier to achieve success in this way, but creating defensible strategies and assigning individual accountabilities around beating failure is also simpler to implement.


3. Get Out of Task Mode

When we entered the pandemic, approaching remote work was new to everyone. Finding a balance between meetings, work and personal obligations was challenging to employers and employees alike. But work doesn’t get done in the virtual boardroom, “people need heads down time … they need to produce, they need to plan,” Trevor said. By throwing your checklists aside, it’s easier to focus on your team’s overarching priorities and delegate those smaller tasks at more optimal times.

Check out the episode here, on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.