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At Butchershop, we believe that brand and business are intertwined. We say that “brand is everything” because everything a company does is a touch point to your customer and internal company culture. As a brand and business consultancy, our focus on brand, organizational and experience design creates massive impact and value. Our Silicon Valley roots, global roster of clients and experience uniquely position Butchershop to seize opportunities to Help People. It’s the ethos that inspires all we do.


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After a few years of exploration, June 20, 2020 marked the launch of Butchershop Europe (BE), our first official international outpost. Butchershop has worked with executives, creative teams, innovation hubs, venture firms, founders, and brands all over the world over the last decade, and we’ve used these experiences to bring our expertise and insights to all of our client partners. 

BE is led by veteran Butchershopper, Global Program Director, Nina Mueller, formerly Director of Creative Services. Nina has helped to shape our approach, services and strategy and brings this perspective, mindset and thinking from San Francisco, California to Europe. She will oversee international client management, partner network development, and service offering growth. We are also on the lookout for possible acquisitions and new partnerships that help fulfill our mission to help leaders turn big ideas into brands people love. 

We’ve guided teams within companies like Haufe to create new products, brands, and strategies across multiple business practices and organization functions. We’ve helped founders of early and late stage startups get in front of failure to evolve, create, launch, and grow their brands for expansion in the US and European markets. Our work and partnership can be seen on the new Nike and Converse Global Career Site Experiences, Haufe’s CoCreation Summit, the Okta Rethink AD Campaign and several other award winning projects. 

The driving force behind Butchershop Europe is our new initiative called The Clarity Project™. The Clarity Project is a massive injection to our creative services offering, based on the insight that failure stems from lack of clarity. By utilizing consulting services, tech tools, and facilitated workshops, The Clarity Project helps brands, companies, and organizations fill gaps in clarity. Brand and Business leaders, teams, and individual contributors can confidently and fearlessly focus on managing risks, priorities, and strategies while actively working to “beat failure.” Whether starting a new project or campaign, responding to a market shift, building a product, or just managing change, do it fearlessly from the start by transforming pitfalls and risks into priorities, strategies, next steps, and actionable accountability for your team.

Butchershop uses data, design thinking, brand expertise and our business acumen with clients every day. We also use it to create our own innovations and spot the next opportunity. Butchershop Europe is exactly that for us right now. With Butchershop and The Clarity Project, we’re looking forward to helping more European clients and partners solve product, brand and business challenges with creativity and clarity, impacting their organization and bottom line positively for years to come.




Summer 2020