The most memorable holiday cards at SAHA Homes

This holiday season, the Butchershop team got together to give back to our community. We partnered with Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA) Homes — an organization whose purpose is to provide quality affordable homes and services to over 4,000 residents that empower and strengthen neighborhoods — to spend a morning doing what we do best — being creative — with seniors in affordable housing in Oakland, CA.

The goal of the volunteer project was to bring people, those living in the homes and community members alike, together to build and enrich our community — and to have fun while doing it. With the holidays right around the corner, we couldn’t think of anything more fitting than decorating holiday cards.

Supplies of blank cards and holiday-themed stickers, gold-foil paper and 60 different colored markers were purchased. But the creativity came free and in abundance. There were intricately detailed fireplace scenes, cards covered in blue and green layers of delicate paper, and Santa’s sleigh drawn by a fully-capable group of woodland creatures, a red-nosed squirrel (sorry Rudolph) leading the bunch.

We shared ideas and stories as holiday music played in the background. Shawheen, Senior Designer, dazzled everyone with his calligraphy skills. Cody, Digital Producer, had the residents engaged in conversation about celebrating the holidays with family. Anton, Design Intern, shared with us how Christmas is celebrated in his home country of Russia by casually jumping into a hole in a frozen-over lake. Together, the group had a heck of a time, not only creating our very own, unique cards, but also from the conversation and cheer that filled the room.

As we were leaving, Valarie, a particularly enthusiastic and grateful resident, gave each volunteer a hug, exclaiming, “You guys made my day!” We call that a successful day volunteering.


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Fall 2017