Butchershop Volunteers: Family Dog Rescue

If you’ve ever been to Butchershop HQ, you know we love dogs. Bruno, Piper, Ziggy, Millie, Izzy, the other Millie—they’re part of the crew too. And we recognize that not all dogs are as lucky as our beloved pack. So for our first volunteer event of 2019, we wanted to throw a bone to the city’s less fortunate dogs.

We chose to work with Family Dog Rescue, a no-kill non-profit shelter that takes in underdogs from overcrowded municipal shelters as well as street dogs from Mexico. From puppies and seniors to mixed breeds, purebreds, and dogs with disabilities, the shelter has rescued thousands of canines since its founding in 2010. Two Butchershoppers even adopted their pups from Family Dog Rescue.

On volunteer day, May 23, nine of us hauled a trunkload of dog food, dog toys, and other supplies, as the shelter operates on a donation-based model. We also cleaned the shelter, picked up trash around the outside of the building, and spent a couple of hours playing with the dogs.

After all the loving and licking and playing, the crew had a hard time saying goodbye to Family Dog Rescue—especially Senior Designer Shawheen Khorshidian. He had spent the afternoon bonding with a husky named Dakota but felt he didn’t have the resources or time to adopt and properly care for the high-energy dog.

“I watched a 22-second video of her for like three hours,” Shawheen said, heartbroken. “I was tearing up.” It wasn’t the first time our volunteer program had inspired such emotion, and it won’t be the last—a testament to the emotional connection we strive to forge through helping others.



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