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It helps to like to help

In a city like San Francisco, where urban features dominate the view in every direction, it’s easy to lose perspective on how the peninsula was once a lush landscape. However, thanks to a few dedicated individuals, there are hearths of nature that can be found right around the corner. 

Nowhere is that more apparent than Mountain Lake Park in the Presidio District. Adjacent to rows of neighborhoods off of Lake St., the park is home to one of the two freshwater lakes in San Francisco. As part of our volunteer efforts, 14 Butchershoppers lent their hands to the Presidio Trust, the lake and groundskeepers. 

We were greeted by our coordinator, Amy. She gave us the full background on Mountain Lake, its role in SF’s history, its ecology, its pollution and 30 year cleanup. Amy put us to work clipping invasive species from the foliage near the water and re-mulching a 60-yard path, making it easier on the people and dogs that frequent the trail. Slow going at first, we worked as a team to make it all the way down the path. By the end, Amy had to wrangle us in to stop. Sweaty, but satisfied, we left proud of both paths we got to walk. 

For us, working in the aforementioned urban sprawl, it’s important to support areas that help make SF what it is. A city with roots in environmentalism and a robust park system, our home is centered on caring for nature wherever it exists—and by extension we are as well. Volunteering at places like Mountain Lake lets us strengthen that connection and celebrate our home.

If you would like to lend a hand in keeping San Francisco’s environment happy and healthy, you can reach out to the Presidio Trust via email volunteer@presidiotrust.gov.


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