Unlocking the creative process

On October 20th, Butchershop hosted a creative event with Hyper Island, a Swedish company dedicated to helping people and organizations learn how to unlock their creative process through interactive sessions.

After a quick introduction by the Hyper Island team, Butchershop’s Global Brand Director, Ian Ernzer, led a panel discussion about techniques and inspiration when creative challenges arise. The panel consisted of cross-disciplinary teams here at Butchershop, from creative strategists to project managers.


Then came the interactive part. The task became centered around a creative solution game, which was designed to use existing technologies and social needs to activate the imaginary and creative processes each individual contains to produce solutions. Here’s how it worked:

Participants were split up into equal teams and handed a stack of post-it notes. Teams were then asked to write one existing technology and slap it on the wall, and then write an existing social need and slap it on another wall. Repeat until your walls are an assemblage of multi-color paper tiles.


Next the teams frantically grabbed a random post it from each wall — one technology, one social need — and brainstormed about how to utilize the technology to overcome the need. Some team’s answers were so unexpected, creative, and inventive that we were genuinely surprised by the solutions.


What everyone took away from the day was that creativity thrives outside the boundaries of rigidity. And something as simple as a fun game can unlock the hidden potential of ideas that could ultimately benefit humanity.

These workshops are a great place to learn and grow as individual or group thinkers. Butchershop will be hosting more of these in the future, so if you missed out on this one don’t despair.

A big thanks to Hyper Island and all the participants who brought so much joy and creativity to the day.


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Fall 2016