Design Gurus Summit 2017 Recap

The second annual Design Guru’s Summit recently took place at the Jewish Memorial Center. DGS, hosted by Uncharted Minds, is where top Silicon Valley designers, thinkers and thought leaders share their insights on topics like: product design, user experience design, design for emerging platforms, branding, marketing, creativity, entrepreneurship, and creative inspiration.

During the event, Butchershop’s fearless captain and Executive Creative Director, Trevor Hubbard, gave a presentation to the audience about some things he learned about starting a creative agency. Below are the main talking points he covered.

1. Do it all.
2. Write down your beliefs or no one will believe you.
3. Select a leader.
4. Build trust and create value.
5. Help people.
6. Scrappy means something. Startup means nothing.
7. Be taught. Teach people.
8. Listen to your gut.


9. You’re only as good as your last project.
10. Referrals grow your business.
11. Create a partner network. Treat them well.
12. Talk about money.
13. Understand business.
14. Get a CFO. A Bookkeeper. A lawyer. Good bar.
15. Have a vision.
16. Respect and love your community.


17. Try new things.
18. Culture wins.
19. Don’t be jealous. Be inspired.
20. Surround yourself with exceptional people.
21. Clients are people. They need help. You can help.
22. Taxes are real.
23. Awards don’t matter. But also awards matter.


24. Look for opportunity.
25. Simple is hard.
26. Every brand has two audiences — culture and customer.
27. Process, product, practice and people.
28. Thoughts become things.
29. It’s all about the work.
30. But really, it’s about the people.


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