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An occasion to rise to the top

On Thursday, we welcomed a presentation of La Creme – an occasion to rise to the top.

La Creme explores the topics that matter most to Butchershop, by inviting the talented members of our crew to present their big opinions, strong convictions and thoughtful ideas about the world we live and work in. With bragging rights and and handsome rewards at stake, the audience will vote to name the freshest of the fresh.

This inaugural session is devoted to the topic of Business & Brand – two friends so close some people take them for sisters.

We asked the team to explore the deeply connected and distinct sides of Business & Brand thru their own perspectives and experiences.

We talk a lot about both Business and Brand at Butchershop. We believe Brand is something like mental real estate – the sum total of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs someone has about your company. It is, in tandem with product, the primary way a person interacts with your business. Put simply, brand is perception.

Businesses are not. They are made up of people, products, shared and individual practices. They are anchored in Budgets, profit margins, P&Ls, and growth plans. Offices and interfaces.

Yet for being different, they share a great deal in common. The most successful companies, in the long-term, maintain common threads between their business and their brand. This makes the work of building a brand for a business one of synthesis – one that we devote our days-and sometime our nights–to doing.

In this first session, we had 6 presentations dive into moments of brand building — from looking at how you end a brand project without feeling like you are ending relationship, to the power of brand perception as told thru the job hunting process.

A special shout out to goes Marco Cousins and Qiang Wang from the WGI program and Marc Hill and Jonathan Phillippe from the BC intern program who threw down alongside Tyrus Hainsworth, Candice Nguyen, Sara Grossman.

In the end, two winners emerged. Marc and Sara took home the night’s coveted honors of being voted by any audience of their colleagues, friends, and family as being the best of the best. They shall revel in the glory until next time.


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