La Crème Session 02

In the second edition of La Crème, we gathered to talk about People + Process—two things we couldn’t do without. Just as both hemispheres of the brain work together to create one cohesive field of vision, people and process are the two main ingredients of “getting shit done,” and are foundational to phenomenal human achievements; think Pyramids of Giza, the moon landing, and free next day delivery. We’d be lost without process and we’d be nothing without people. 

Four members of our team presented their perspectives on the essential, but also somewhat magical intersection of people and process.  

Tony DeKleine, Digital Designer, jujitsu master, and horror film enthusiast took a look at how subcultures, social systems, and even brands are governed by behavioral processes. 

Ryan Henbest, who alongside his architect wife, have been doing a DIY renovation to their SF home for as long as we’ve known him, drew parallels between architects and brand builders, and how thoughtful processes create more meaningful experiences for our clients and their customers.

Nina Mueller, our Creative Services Director and positivity powerhouse, asked the room to think about assholes (in the workplace, that is) and how flawed personal processes can beget bad team relations, ultimately challenging us to to be happier at the place we spend the most time at: work. 

Shawheen Khorshidian, Senior Designer and amateur astrologist, took us on a journey through his mind to explore how a collection of seemingly eclectic and unrelated personal experiences and knowledge—from gypsy culture and zodiac signs, to finding the best denim it for your body—inform his creative process as a designer. 

All interesting approaches to discussing People + Process, but as it goes with La Crème: only one can rise to the top. This session’s top honor went to the ever thought-provoking Nina Mueller whose presentation reminded us that we can’t get rid of negative emotions altogether, but we can get really good at minimizing them. 


Thank you to all who participated and joined us for the evening.  Next La Crème will be on 12.12.19 when we dive into the deep end on the topic of “Culture + Impact.” Come enjoy the water with us. If you’d like to attend or have some thought provoking ideas to share on the topic, email us at

La  Crème explores the topics that matter most to Butchershop, by inviting the talented members of our crew to present their big opinions, strong convictions and thoughtful ideas about the world we live and work in. With bragging rights and and handsome rewards at stake, the audience will vote to name the freshest of the fresh.