Curiosity killed the boring user conference

The era of Big Data means companies want to make choices backed by numbers. Hunches or expertise alone won’t do the trick.

Optimizely is an A/B Testing Platform helping leaders make confident business decisions backed by data. With industry leaders like Salesforce, IBM, and Uber in their roster, they’ve helped some of the most complex organizations find the right solutions that work for them.

Every year, Optimizely shares their industry knowledge by hosting hundreds of business leaders at Opticon, a conference celebrating the power of digital experimentation. They wanted to craft a theme and identity for Opticon 19. We proposed an insight inherent in their core offering: opening your mind to endless possibility means you’re able to arrive at conclusions others aren’t. In other words, curiosity is the greatest driver of change. This insight anchored the kickoff video production, image creation, and messaging development that will be displayed throughout the conference hall.


From speakers to breakouts to roundtables, Opticon 19 will give attendees the opportunity to learn how other companies are using experimentation—and the data that comes out of it—to grow their business and drive change. In addition to keynote speaker Ashton Kutcher, Opticon 19 features speeches by astronaut Mae Jemison, Netflix’s former VP of Product Gibson Biddle, and Optimizely’s CEO, Jay Larson.

To Optimizely and the Opticon team, congrats. After the event, we’ll start thinking about the theme for Opticon20.



Summer 2019