Analog still has a place in our digital world

We live in a digital age and we love it. The technological capabilities at our fingertips in 2019 are nothing short of jaw dropping from advancements in AI technology to build smarter data to the powers of AR to blend the real and the imagined. We have an ever expanding sense of what is possible. But, embracing the new frontier, doesn’t mean we don’t look back. 

Back in 2017, a 1957 Vandercook letterpress, a rare and massive printing machine of yesteryear, joined our team. The Vandercook stands out in our 21st century cloud environment, but it also encourages an engagement with our craft in a very different way than today’s digital mediums. We all start on our creative journeys working with the tools we have and doing things with our hands. More machine mechanics than machine learning, letterpress is a physical, methodical, tactile process. You get your hands dirty, you put your back into it, you slow down.

Since its arrival, we have turned out prints for 2 Design Weeks, several clients and many an idea too good not to produce. Recently, we had the opportunity to bring custom prints to the Mountain Hardwear Sales Kick Off to celebrate the textures of the rock climbing world. The 100+ prints were given out to attendees by our letterpress master, Tony DeKleine — which marks another thing we love about this work: it’s personal. 

Want to get to know the letterpress craft a little better yourself? Hit us up at Share a good idea for a print or inquire about a workshop for your team!


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Winter 2018