Okta’s new brand launches

Okta Team in kitchen with Okta branding

For just shy of one year we worked with Okta to completely transform and elevate their brand to match the company’s staggering growth and trajectory.

Sometimes a successful project coalesces into a great relationship, sometimes into great work, and sometimes into both. We’re thrilled with our work and the strong relationships it has forged in the process has added so much value to their company. And it just so happens they are too:

“We’re now at a size and scale that [people] can’t just get the essence of the company by talking to the founders. You have to do things at scale.”
— Todd McKinnon, Co-founder and CEO

“The Okta rebrand was the catalyst that solidified who we are as a company with a visual identity to match the company’s immense growth.”
—Ryan Carlson, CMO

The full Okta case study is here.

If you’re interested in their annual event, Oktane, you can go here. They usually do it big.


Spring 2016