Celebrating the culture contributors of 2019

Alongside all the top 10 lists and best-of round-ups that mark the end of another year (and in this case a decade), we get a little reflective ourselves about the people who made our year that much better. Working collaboratively is never a straightforward task, even with great folks on your team finding creative alignment, clear communication, and good vibes isn’t an easy cocktail to whip up. But, when it does, man, does it go down easy. So we raise a glass to two very special folks who have made outstanding contributions to our team, our culture and our year. 



Paul Bunyan 2019:
Cody Beard, Copywriter

The Paul Bunyan Award winner is selected by Butchershop executive team, and is given to an individual who stands for hard work, persistence, helpfulness, citizenship, and optimism.

Some of the most interesting people take unconventional paths in life. They twist, turn, up and down, and certainly from the start, maybe don’t seem like they have a plan or focus. It’s easy to label them aimless.

But it is the outliers and outsiders, the people who have marched to the beat of their own drum, defy norms, who end up creating things that are unique, have substance, are remembered and loved.

But… and there’s always a but…lone wolfs don’t run in packs for a reason. And often the outsider too easily becomes negative naysayers.

That special combination—possessing a unique voice put in the service of others—is what is emblematic of a true Butchershopper.

This year’s Paul Bunyan represents that to the core. He is someone who has had a lot of twists and turns, both before and while at Butchershop.

He is continually looking for and asking for how to add more value and plug in and build up Butchershop and our work. He has taken on new roles and challenges, learned fast and leveled up.

And here’s what is really important to note: he has done all of this without just blindly drinking the Kool Aid or going along with what he thinks will get him the approval of his peers and supervisors.

He is able to maintain a POV, have conviction and integrity, the effort to have hard but healthy conversation, at times be a contradicting voice, but in an effort to make us better. Not fighting for his recognition but what’s right for the work or the company.

That’s very hard to do well. And this person has. Strong convictions held lightly. It’s something we should all strive for.

This year’s Paul Bunyan was awarded to Cody Beard.


Blue Ox 2019:
Jessica Penaflor, Office Manager

The Blue Ox Award winner is selected by peers, and goes to someone whose merits, contributions, and demeanor shine in all moments.

This award is really meaningful—it’s an award to the recipient who makes amazing things happen at BC every day. The Blue Ox is the culture icon of Butchershop. 

2019’s Blue Ox promotes our culture and our sanity. This person is a badass. They know all and do all, often far too late into the night and before anyone arrives in the morning, all with a smile on their face. Without this person, we would be lost. They are a huge part of our culture and have carried us through a tough year by being the rock people needed. 

She has taken on this role of being a shoulder and an ear, outside of her day-to-day, something that happened naturally as people continued to seek out her thoughtful advice. She’s an incredible listener, but will always give you the facts and doesn’t put up with bullshit. She has become a true soul of our Butchershop family.

She has really gone above and beyond to make BC a great place to work.  She makes us look more professional, helps us to be more organized and efficient, and is proactive in recognizing things that need to be improved—she makes us better. She’s a total weirdo. She’s a lover of Kpop, Harry Styles, and all things “neutral” in color.

Jess is the matriarch we never knew we needed. And she is this year’s Blue Ox Winner.