The Culture Heroes of 2020

In a year not quite like any other, the ability to rally the Crew, FITFO and be the reason your project team sleeps better at night puts you in rare company indeed.

Join Butchershop in celebrating this year’s Paul(ine) Bunyan and Blue Ox recipients. As a quick refresher, The Paul(ine) Bunyan Award winner is selected by the Butchershop executive team, and is given to an individual who stands for hard work, persistence, helpfulness, citizenship, and optimism. The Blue Ox Award winner is selected by peers, and goes to someone whose merits, contributions, and demeanor shine in all moments.

And yes. We did mail them their very own axes.

Paul(ine) Bunyan 2020:
Melanie Huff, Technical Project Manager


This year has felt epically long and incredibly urgent. It has brought about newness at home, at work, at work from home. It has brought so much change and so much of the same.

The Paul(ine) Bunyan award this year recognizes realness. The real qualities that we can’t really get by without. The qualities that make things better, lend support, build things up and make more possible. 

Trust. Dedication. Helpfulness. Consideration 

Our winner this year has these in spades and has brought them to Butchershop since day 1 years ago, to this year in particular and everyday in between.  

All too often the spotlight shines brightest on those that perform for the light. This year we are celebrating someone who carries their own light. 

This year’s Pauline Bunyan award belongs to Melanie Huff.

Blue Ox 2020:
Marc Hill, Junior Designer

Blue Ox_Paul Bunyan (1)

Marc is an enigma. He never ceases to amaze and delight on all the projects he contributes to. Clients trust him and we can too. Whatever it is, he’ll find a way to get it done without a shred of negativity, (even if it means staying up for 48 hours straight working on something he’s never tried before). He’s a team player, he’s always willing to help out, he loves his coworkers and he’s always ready to throw down. He’s wildly talented and mature beyond his years. He’s full of favors and forever humble.

Marc has a relentlessly positive attitude that makes working with him fun, even in the midst of tense moments, enormous work loads and/or demanding clients

He’s an active cultural contributor, participating in every facet of Butchershop–always with gusto, level 100. His future is exceedingly bright. Blinding.