Redefining the modern internship for the modern creative explorer

It happened. We’re done. WGI is over. For now. All the wiser. An idea. An experiment. A journey. Successfully completed by two modern creative explorers: Maddy Carrucan and Whitney Badge.

We’ve been impressed since the moment we laid eyes on their work. Poetic, clear, and confident. Curious. They assured us they were ready for this voyage. They were ready to travel to exotic lands and meet interesting people. We learned as much as they did through their travels and experiences.

They learned the difference between wisdom and opinion along the winding path of courage to intuition. Deep down, they already knew what they learned, but experienced moments of validation.

But there were moments of uncertainty too. Crafty and resourceful, they quickly created their own approach to staying focused—confiding in each other and their new friends, peers, and mentors.

Every day they turned awareness into action. They exercised conscious restraint and consideration. How to construct ideas into experiences by themselves and with teams.

They experienced the warm welcoming embrace from each agency upon arrival. As cultural ambassadors, Maddy and Whitney would share their tales from place to place. They experienced heartbreak every time they had to say goodbye to their new friends, community, and home. Only to be filled with the exhilarating anticipation of a new arrival a few hours later.

Maddy and Whitney weren’t meant to follow anyone else’s path. No one is—unless they’re lost. They turned a million mini-actions into an epic journey. We are proud of them. Our partners are proud of them. And we are honored to have had them as the two courageous women who pioneered the path for the World’s Greatest Internship.

Maddy and Whitney, it is because of you that other people will have the opportunity to participate in future editions of WGI. And to our partners at AUFI, Base, COLLINS, Made Thought, Parkside, and Re, it is because of your generosity to people and commitment to culture that WGI was developed. This would not have been possible without you.

With admiration,
Your WGI team


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Spring 2019