We are only as good as the work we do for our clients.

Baseline Brand

Alphabet’s Verily helps give healthcare a new start.

Hotaling & Co. Brand

Anchor Distilling reborn as Hotaling & Co.

Lightspeed Venture Partners Brand

Lightspeed Venture Partners: The culture makers of Sand Hill Road.

At-Bay Brand

At-Bay: The most important insurance brand since the birth of the Internet.

Big Rock Farms Brand

True originals: Big Rock Farms and the past and future of California cannabis.

Lumiata Brand

Making medical AI technology approachable.

LMC Brand

Redefining “home” for a new generation.

Juvo Brand

Helping Juvo build relationships in real time.

Haufe Very Important Customer Campaign

Making high-profile CEOs notice a company with no US presence.

Okta Brand

Elevating a tech company into a brand that's always on.

CMG Partners Brand

Helping a marketing consultancy see from their clients’ perspective.

Argus Brand

Bringing personality to a platform for healthy living.

Oktane15 Brand

Electrifying the attendee experience for Okta's user conference.

Fernet Francisco Brand

Helping a local fernet walk the walk with giants.

AppDynamics 7th Floor Wall Designs

Part 2 of the epic AppDynamics wall saga.

Volta Industries Brand Book

Helping people find their spot in the Voltaverse.

Jasper Brand

Humanizing a San Francisco highrise.

Electric Sheep Brand

Creating the coolest underground brand you've never heard of.

Zuora Rebrand

Inventing the new world of happy business.

The Gotham Club Brand

Creating maybe the most interesting ballpark experience in Giants' history.

The San Francisco Shipyard Brand

Branding a new San Francisco neighborhood 150 years in the making.

AppDynamics Dallas Wall Designs

Showing the world that big offices don't have to be boring.

Wonder Workshop Brand

Teaching kids that coding can be fun.

AppDynamics Digital Campaign

Creating ads that stand out in Las Vegas.

Finca Santa Teresa Coffee

Winning some coffee branding awards.


Developing an app to pixelate the hell out of anything.

Amero Residential Project

Helping San Francisco residents live redefined.

Patient Crossroads Brand

Helping Patient Crossroads say "Hello" to humanity.

Mason Brand Book

Giving a building a personality as awesome as its architecture.

AppDynamics Wall Design Project

Making a tech company's office walls as cool as they should be.

Oldies, but goodies. Some projects from the archives.