AppDynamics Wall Design Project

Making a tech company's office walls as cool as they should be.

A data analytics company needed to make their offices more interesting. We gave them some big-ass walls.

AppDynamics develops application performance management services to make technology work better.

They approached Butchershop with a brief to design 27 interior walls in their San Francisco headquarters.

Their aim was to make people more excited to come to work—and to encourage divergent thinking to solve the tough application-intelligence problems their customers faced.

After a three-week discovery process, we landed on the project’s central concept: the pixel.

As the basic unit of digital visual representation, the pixel seemed like a solid analogue to AppDynamics’ own “medium”: the lines of code that are the fundamental building blocks of digital technology.

We applied the pixel concept to 10,000 square feet of blank canvas.

The largest installation is the “Wooden Wonder,” a landscape scene in 8-bit style, made of 6,000 individually dyed squares of birch wood.

Huge thanks to Clinton Miller and Breck Brunson for their tireless effort in fabricating and installing the pieces.

With "If These Walls Could Talk," we graced the conference rooms with half-tone moire prints of cultural icons, from Gandhi and Einstein to Hepburn, Dalí and Da Vinci.

We brought in the guys at 1AM Gallery to paint an interpretive graffiti wall. Their tagger’s take on the AppDynamics logo is beyond comparison.

The “Famous” walls use ultra-low resolution to distort the Cat in the Hat, a Michael Jackson album cover and a Jackson Pollock painting.

The “Drip” installations portray model animals doused in AppDynamics colors. We shot the images in the Butchershop studio and used poly cutouts to extend the paint effect from the wall onto the floor.

"Phone Booths Are Rad" offers a view of eight cityscapes from inside a phone booth. The cool part? They’re all anaglyph 3D images.

Every conference room comes with a few pairs of red-cyan glasses, which bring the walls to full multidimensional life.

AppDynamics’ CEO Jyothi Bansal said of the project: “We have an awesome product, awesome employees and awesome customers, and now we have an office to match.”

Credit goes to Matt Cella and the team at Martin Sign Company for printing our artwork with supreme quality and fidelity to the concept.

And thanks to Fennie+Mehl Architects, the firm of record on the project, for trusting our crazy ideas.

AppDynamics was named one of GlassDoor’s 50 Best Places to Work in 2014.

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