AppDynamics 7th Floor Wall Designs

Part 2 of the epic AppDynamics wall saga.

AppDynamics’ headquarters were expanding, and they came to Butchershop to design their new floor.

They loved the pixel-inspired concept we did for their 8th floor and wanted to build off that for the 7th floor.

We collaborated with Gensler to solidify a concept for room designs that married their architecture and interior build out.

By adding dimension, we transformed pixels into fractals, which inspired the graphics for over 20 walls.

As you move away from the center of the floor, the spaces become gradually lighter and more colorful for a visceral relief that speaks to the comfortable workplace atmosphere.

To complement the 8th floor, we used noteworthy figures to bring the space to life with bright, glitch-art inspired overlays.

As the showstopper, we used Dichroic laminate for their main board room.

It’s a dynamic material that reflects the light of one color and transmits various other wavelengths of light in the process.

From the moment you exit the elevators, light and color lead you through the building down a path of inspiration and creativity.

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