AppDynamics Dallas Wall Designs

Showing the world that big offices don't have to be boring.

AppDynamics was so excited about the transformation of their San Francisco headquarters we did that they asked us to revamp their sales office in Dallas, TX.

Like their San Francisco office, the desire for the Dallas was simple: employees should be excited to come to work.

We designed 16 installations across entryways, meeting spaces, and the corporate board room.

Taking a cue from the company’s purpose—to see inside application environments—we designed artwork that transported people into digitally-conceived natural environments.

We covered walls and windows with translucent vinyl that allows natural light to filter in, creating the sense that occupants are being enveloped by nature.

As people enter the office, they’re greeted by a 36-foot glass mural that catches sunlight throughout the day.

The office’s 10 meeting spaces are designed as distinct biospheres—Tundra, Desert, Rainforest, etc.—which also give the office a unique wayfinding system.

And for the board room? We chose a lion to preside over the pride.

Since AppDynamics is a data company, our designs incorporated digital elements—pixels, code lines, and numerals—to bring it all back home.

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