Argus Brand

Bringing personality to a platform for healthy living.

Azumio’s vision is to be the trailblazer in health, fitness, and technology integration to encourage people to become their healthiest and happiest selves.

They asked Butchershop to create a unique brand for Argus, their flagship product, that could extend to their existing suite of apps.

During discovery, we realized that Argus wasn’t like competitors’ apps.

Customers talked about Argus actually changing their lives. It was motivating people to do more and to be healthier.

We saw that Argus could transcend mere functionality by being user-friendly and heavy on personality.

At the core Argus’s new brand was about igniting a spark of motivation in everyone.

We personified Argus as a gentle giant who encouraged people to “Do More.”

We developed a brand voice that was always encouraging, a little playful, and never too intense or critical.

The design elements evoke the feeling of celebrating real life by confidently embracing the moment.

To cross cultural lines we chose a geometric design with a vibrant, flexible color palette.

Argus now looks and sounds like the approachable brand they are with an updated app and cleaned up user interface.

We helped Azumio motivate their users to live a healthier, happier lifestyle with an app that is unlike any other.

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