At-Bay Brand

At-Bay: The most important insurance brand since the birth of the Internet.

In the burgeoning business of cyber insurance, CyberJack was a potential disruptor with a totally new method of forecasting risk.

To capture that mold-breaking spirit, the company came to Butchershop by recommendation of its venture capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners.

We discovered that the world of cyber insurance was populated by companies that were either too cheeky for the insurance business or too stiff for the Internet Age. CyberJack was a little of both, and not in the right places.

First, we changed the name to be smart, memorable, and instantly express the true value what they offered customers – the confidence to take on tomorrow without fear.

At-Bay was born.

To achieve a balance of friendly and savvy, we positioned At-Bay as the approachable expert for an unpredictable world.

We took visual inspiration from the Internet’s early days, using a color palette based on HTML text, 8-bit treatments, and symbols synonymous with the online world.

And we simplified complex cyber insurance terminology into language both brokers and clients could actually understand.

From marketing collateral to the website, the brand’s larger story shone through: At-Bay is the most sophisticated and comprehensive offering on the market.

And also a joy to work with.

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