Baseline Brand

Alphabet’s Verily helps give healthcare a new start.

Baseline–a flagship initiative of Google Alphabet’s Verily–is the largest study of human health ever conducted.

Over the course of 5 years, with 5,000 participants, and in partnership with Duke and Stanford Medicine, Baseline has an ambitious goal: Map the entire spectrum of human health to shape the future of disease prevention.

The team at Verily came to Butchershop to help think comprehensively about Baseline’s brand, marketing, user experience, and onsite service design.

The Baseline brand needed to rally participation from the scientific community as well as everyday participants of different ages and walks of life.

To focus Baseline’s message, we linked the study’s task of mapping data points and biometrics to what it ultimately serves – people.

Together, scientists, doctors, and participants can give healthcare a new start. The answer is inside all of us.

We evolved Baseline’s design elements into a comprehensive VIS. It feels scientifically credible, while being approachable to participants with a range of tech and science savvy.

We designed key experiences across the entire Baseline user journey – print and digital marketing, onboarding, on-site clinical experiences, and the participant app.

Baseline is currently underway. You can learn more at

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