Big Rock Farms Brand

True originals: Big Rock Farms and the past and future of California cannabis.

Founded in 1986, Big Rock Farms has long been at the forefront of cannabis culture in California.

In fall 2016, when legalization of recreational cannabis in California seemed imminent, Big Rock Farms tapped Butchershop to take the business out of the shadows and onto a path to normalization.

Unlike other operations in the Emerald Triangle, Big Rock Farms has been growing outdoor, organic cannabis — not to mention fruits and veggies — long before “Humboldt” had pop culture cachet.

We started with a brand story to capture Big Rock Farms’ egalitarian origins and guiding principles – evoking the farm’s laid-back vibe and commitment to truly natural herb.

Next we created a logo, which we designed to resemble a compass — a simple tool that orients users with the land around them.

For the brand identity, we used design, imagery, and storytelling that focused on the Northern California surroundings and day-to-day life at the farm.

We applied our thinking across touchpoints – from web to packaging, events to advertising.

Our packaging design fades from dark to light, to mimic the Humboldt fog that surrounds Big Rock Farms.

For lifestyle photography, we extended our farm origin motif.

Inspired by the 1970s California country dinette, we re-imagined roadside stops along lesser-known Western highways – spots Merle Haggard and Buck Owens might pull into on their way back to Bakersfield.

The re-interpretation matched the spirit of Big Rock Farms – gritty roots and a bold future.

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