CMG Partners Brand

Helping a marketing consultancy see from their clients’ perspective.

CMG, a nation-wide marketing consultant group, had been working with Fortune 500 companies for 17 years when they approached Butchershop.

But their brand didn’t reflect the influential company they were.

We traveled to their Durham, North Carolina headquarters to interview partners, dozens of staff members, and their multinational clients to uncover who CMG is and who they want to be.

Working with CMG partner Russ Lange, we discovered a core truth: CMG has a unique ability to find unexpected and often unconventional sources of revenue growth for their clients.

To capture that, we centered their brand around a simple formula: Think + Do + Move = Potential Realized.

We created a modular and systematic identity based around movement, growth, and expansion.

The brand design is bold and utilizes a bright, electric color palette, strong and bold typography, and clean black and white photography.

The logo is punctuated by an arrow aiming up and to the right that creates a constant visual reminder of the company’s guiding principle: Potential Realized.

Steering away from jargon-heavy language, we recast their voice with more imaginative, original phrases.

We developed a kickass website using subtle browser animation that feels like the site is being constructed for users as they scroll through it.

The flexible brand system and site form a consistent yet malleable identity, allowing the brand to expand as CMG continues to grow.

Now CMG has a brand equal to their 17 years of expertise resulting in an upward shift in the types of clients they attract and the size of contracts they close.

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