Electric Sheep Brand

Creating the coolest underground brand you've never heard of.

The Battery founder Michael Birch shared his vision; a social gathering made of friends, strangers, music, and of course, projection-mapped light shows on a giant ram’s head.

Our designer explored concepts of light and rams in all of their symbolic glory.

We built mood boards that captured both spirit and visual identity.

And honed our 3D modeling skills, even printing a miniature one to hold in our hands.

With our design powers and the installation media experts at Digital Ambiance, a 6-foot ram’s head was born.

We worked on wordmarks and logomarks that fit the spirit of rams, multidimensional convergence, futuristic realness and electronic dance music culture.

Our designer worked with the projection mappers to create sixty fifteen-second animations at specific bpm rates so the lights and music could work in tandem.

Digital Ambiance brought the technical prowess in the form of Touch Designer, projection mapping software custom-built for this project.

Ribbons of light spilled over the multidimensional ram’s head and brought it to life.

We made animations that played with color and texture—like a symphony for the senses.

We made animations that were human and organic, evoking themes of nature and life.

And we made animations that just looked straight-up cool. A lot of them.

And we got the swag to match. Classy swag.

This was not your average Saturday night whimsy. This was Electric Sheep, the inaugural monthly event was a dream: jams, light, and solid company.

See more works of art below.