Fernet Francisco Brand

Helping a local fernet walk the walk with giants.

Fernet Francisco is a locally crafted, small-batch amaro that embodies the spirit of the San Francisco.

We were asked to create a brand that could go head-to-head with the industry leader of fernet, Fernet-Branca, with thoughtful packaging that stood out on the shelf.

The brand we developed captures the spirit of living life to the fullest: “A Fernet For The Lion Hearted.”

The main Fernet Francisco font and the "FF" neck were hand-lettered, and have become its signature word marks.

The focal point of the bottle, 'Frankie', illustrates the spirit of the brand, while the colors and gold leaf are based on the ever-changing hues of the San Francisco Bay.

With this much personality in a bottle, you've got a strong brand that catches your eye and offers a true, unique taste of San Francisco.

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