Haufe Very Important Customer Campaign

Making high-profile CEOs notice a company with no US presence.

Haufe, a multinational company based in Germany, was launching US operations and created an HR talent management software, services and solutions for major companies.

We were asked a simple question: How do you get CEOs of huge companies to listen to a pitch from a brand they’ve never heard of?

We had a few ideas.

Identify CEOs by a company profile by the likes of Uber, Levi's and Box, then send a personalized website for each CEO straight to their inbox.

The microsites spoke directly to CEOs through the voice of children posing as future employees. They had some demands. We called the campaign: The Future is Glorious #thefutureisglorious.

Our customized campaign validated Haufe to major companies.

The whole point was to drive a conversation, and that’s exactly what it did.

The campaign sparked conversations between Haufe U.S. CEO, Kelly Max, and CEOs all over the country.

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