Hotaling & Co. Brand

Anchor Distilling reborn as Hotaling & Co.

Anchor Distilling Company—San Francisco’s oldest distillery and a global importer—came to Butchershop with a very unique problem.

Their sister company, Anchor Brewing, was recently acquired by Sapporo, and along with it, the full rights to the Anchor brand, name, and landmark HQ in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.

As a local legend and industry icon, they were forced to re-invent their identity, without losing their soul—or customer base.

The new brand needed to do a lot: simplify a complex legacy, support expansion, and position the company both as a global tastemaker and local craftsman of truly unique spirits.

The name A.P. Hotaling became a powerful solution.

Hotaling was San Francisco’s first infamous importer and whiskey maker. It was his whiskey warehouse the city saved during the 1906 fires. He is also the namesake of Anchor’s signature whiskey—Hotaling’s 16 Yr. Rye, in their renown Old Potrero line.

Hotaling & Co. was born.

The new brand honored the past, and, with fresh thinking, re-interpreted what was always true about the legendary company.

We built a comprehensive brand platform to drive the company’s new story for all marketing efforts.

As creative inspiration for the brand, we chose a modern interpretation of A.P. Hotaling’s San Francisco—a port of call where world travelers saddled up at the same bar.

We invented the signature Hotaling double-stripe. A ruthlessly simple, but very powerful mark.

It represents Hotaling & Co.'s two business pillars, stands out on shelf, serves as the brand’s stamp of approval, and connects with a new, discerning drinker.

You see the double-stripe, you know it’s good.

Look for it soon in a bar near you.

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