HotelTonight Responsive Website

We helped spontaneous travelers “live more and plan less.”

HotelTonight, the highly rated last-minute hotel booking app, tasked Butchershop with redesigning their marketing site.

We built a fully responsive digital destination.

Our art direction centered on spontaneity—the lifeblood of the HotelTonight brand. We selected striking travel photography that illustrates the unplanned, impromptu magic of travel.

A message prompts the user to enter a phone number. The system then sends a direct-download link to the user’s mobile device via SMS.

Aside from shortening the download process, the site does a fantastic job of marrying good design and functionality.

In the first two weeks after launch, 13,000 new users clicked the button to get the HotelTonight app.

The HotelTonight site won a 2015 AVA Digital Award for website design.

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