Butchershop Creative's Inside The Whale

Sharing the stories of 12 unique Americans.

Inside The Whale is a collaborative documentary film project between Butchershop Creative and New York film maker Robbie Stauder.

This chapter, 'The True Originals', is a glimpse into the lives of 12 unique Americans as they tell the story behind their passions.

Their quest is brave and by fearlessly giving in to who they truly are they embody the essence of individuality.

By doing so, they carry the torch for meaning in a world increasingly devoid of such a concept.

Check out the trailer, get inspired, and forge your own path to self-realization.

A psychiatrist and Ninja master who teaches self-empowerment and the philosophy of invisibility through Ninjitsu.

A woman who spends her golden years as caretaker of what she claims to be her happiest place, an abandoned hotel.

The then world's oldest man shares his views on life, living and the meaningfulness wrapped up in everyday existence.

A California couple find togetherness as they seek to prove the existence of the mythical Bigfoot.