Jasper Brand

Humanizing a San Francisco highrise.

Crescent Heights came to Butchershop to brand a building.

We wanted to create a residential experience that felt real, like it had grown organically out of San Francisco’s history and ethos.

The city’s crop of new luxury highrises all seem to be drifting toward South Beach territory, with vaguely Latin names that “sound like they were plagiarized from a spa menu.”

This seemed like a problem.

Sure. Amenities and views are great. But a lot of people here want more. They want to live in a place that feels authentic. Like it’s part of the community.

So we came up with something that looks like nothing else that’s been done here—precisely because it has a personality.

We took inspiration from film noir (a big part of SF’s cultural heritage), plus the attention to detail you find at upscale bohemian hotels.

The name, Jasper, came from the city’s first surveyor, Jasper O’Farrell.

We developed a logo that relies on negative space to create an interplay between hiddenness and revelation—a nod to film noir motifs.

From there, we created the tagline—“Sincerely yours”—which functions as a sign-off, while still suggesting an invitation to ongoing conversation.

The team designed and named patterns, colors and numerology, which appear in the building’s interior design.

We created a voice and tone guide based on understatement and clarity, a warm contrast to the hyperbole of residential marketing.

Then, we extended the brand out into real applications.

We built a teaser website that used expressionistic motifs and a unique UX based on split-screen scroll to evoke feelings of curiosity and wonder.

Working with Brian and O’Brian at Steelblue, we wrote and produced the building’s teaser video while it was under construction.

It features a 7-year-old girl delivering a monologue about the building on the 30th floor. We guessed personality would do more than renderings and amenity glam-shots.

We guessed right. The video’s gotten 27,000+ unique views.

A few months later, we developed Jasper’s full website, with an interactive apartment search and neat-o Cinemagraph renderings.

Within a week of launch it was the top Google result for “jasper sf” and third for “new luxury apartments san francisco.”

To coincide with the building’s opening, we produced a second video that juxtaposes the insistent novelty of SoMa with the old-school feel of 8mm film.

The Jasper brand book won a Hermes Platinum award. The teaser video took Gold.

The Crescent Heights team expects Jasper to be fully leased by the end of the summer.

Don’t worry our other work won't bite.