Lightspeed Venture Partners Brand

Lightspeed Venture Partners: The culture makers of Sand Hill Road.

Known especially for its success in enterprise, or B2B, investments, Lightspeed has been a major player in Silicon Valley’s venture capital scene since its founding in the late ‘90s.

Recently, though, the firm’s consumer portfolio has been catching up to its enterprise roster.

To reflect this transition, and to build a brand that would match the firm’s deep history and expertise, Lightspeed tapped Butchershop.

To stand out in the VC landscape, we had to demystify the process of finding, nurturing, and building successful companies. So we focused our strategy on the art, science, hard work, experience, and foresight the job requires.

We called it Venture Craft.

To convey this sense of craftsmanship, we came up with a tagline: Tomorrow, Built Today. This idea—that the company was unafraid to get its hands dirty in service of the future—became the launchpad for the brand.

We developed a bold, iconic identity with sturdy visual elements and a strong verbal POV that the firm could hang its long list of accomplishments on.

And because Lightspeed's accomplishments couldn’t be separated from its clients, we designed the brand's marketing touchpoints to prominently feature founders.

The result: an iconic style reminiscent of the firm’s thought leadership, with editorial elements that spoke to Lightspeed’s forward-thinking approach.

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