LMC Brand

Redefining “home” for a new generation.

The housing and real estate market is changing.

People, particularly millennials, are waiting longer to buy a home, but want their rental experience to feel like one.

Lennar, one of the country’s largest real estate developers, launched LMC to meet this emerging market.

LMC needed to establish itself as a leader and reflect the quality Lennar is known for, while feeling fresh and independent from its parent company.

We differentiated LMC by building the brand as a lighthouse for people who think differently about “ownership” and what it means to call a place home.

To deliver this brand experience, we developed LMC's strategy, tone of voice, visual identity system, and told its story through a delightful website and engaging video.

The brand voice and visual identity have a distinct flavor, creating a comfortable, at-home experience in a rented space.

The site we built is interactive with small winks of personality in every detail.

The launch video captures the spirit of the brand, while communicating the LMC experience to future residents, investors and potential employees.

Since its launch, LMC has grown exponentially, developing properties across national markets.

Butchershop is currently working in Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, and the Bay Area to create unique brands for many of them.

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