Lumiata Brand

Making medical AI technology approachable.

Lumiata powers predictability in risk and revenue management with medical AI technology.

But the company had trouble expressing its story in a clear and simple way.

We needed to equip Lumiata with a simple but robust way to tell their story visually and verbally, to elevate the brand and differentiate it from competitors.

And we needed to give Lumiata communication tools and guides to help the company grow and evolve.

To achieve this, we simplified their complex story with benefit-driven messaging and eliminated jargon.

We helped the company stand out by accentuating its ability to turn data into something people can act on with purpose.

The visual identity system centers around light, which symbolizes Lumiata’s ability to shine light on data.

The graphic elements combine simple shapes in bold, unexpected ways to illustrate Lumiata’s story visually.

The color palette is based on the light spectrum, focusing on colors that differentiate Lumiata from its competitors.

We used subtle UI features and delicate hover states for the website rather than crazy parallax bells and whistles.

With copy, we emphasized value over function to highlight the impact of artificial intelligence in the medical space.

Lumiata now has a distinctive presence in both the medical space and the data analytics space.

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