Okta Brand

Elevating a tech company into a brand that's always on.

Okta came to Butchershop with a challenge most companies reaching a billion-dollar valuation face: figuring out who they are and who they want to be.

As the leader in their market, Okta needed to bring their brand up to speed with their growing success and behave like the global company they’d become.

After six weeks of discovery, ten executive interviews, nine working groups,120 internal surveys, and 20 customer surveys, we uncovered something fundamental.

Okta extends far beyond its products, services, and business verticals: it’s part of the fabric of millions of people’s working lives.

And the soul of their company is customer success.

To reflect that soul, we positioned the brand around a rally cry: "Always On."

It influenced every part of the brand and became the framework for all its expressions.

We elevated the voice from technical messaging to a tone that was professional, yet relatable to anyone.

We built a strong visual identity system that was flexible enough to capture not only what the company is now, but what it intends to be in the future.

The Okta Aura is an all-encompassing design motif that represents an infinite connection, symbolic of their promise to be Always On.

The Aura even found itself on Okta’s new swag.

We packaged Okta’s new brand in a 265-page brand book with guidelines for extending their brand elements to future content, experiences, and activations.

We went on a journey to film new customer success stories for MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, Adobe, and DISH Networks in a style that worked cohesively with the new brand.

The website alone was a feat in and of itself—building a Drupal site packed full of custom features and content types that was faster, better, and more accessible than before.

We extended the brand experience to design Okta’s user conference, Oktane15 and Oktane16, creating everything from wayfinding and signage, to video and swag.

Our visual approach centered on the conference theme, "Onward," while feeling anchored in the overall brand experience.

At the conference, Todd McKinnon, Co-Founder and CEO, spoke to Business Insider about the entire brand process:

"We're now at a size and scale that [people] can't just get the essence of the company by talking to the founders. You have to do things at scale."

Ryan Carlson, CMO, added, "The Okta rebrand was the catalyst that solidified who we are as a company with a visual identity to match the company’s immense growth."

Now Okta has a brand with enough depth, focus, and value to take the company wherever it's headed next.

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