Oktane15 Brand

Electrifying the attendee experience for Okta's user conference.

Okta asked us to design their user conference, Oktane15.

Oktane conferences are where IT leaders and application developers come together to explore the crucial role that identity plays in connecting people and technology.

As Okta’s new corporate brand came off the presses, it was important for Oktane15’s branding to complement and build on the new identity.

We developed the event motif “Onward,” to extend Okta’s new North Star: Always On.

“Onward” symbolized speed and movement.

We brought in a pop color of green to visually represent technology and electric motion.

For digital we developed an event website, 4K animation graphics, an event mobile app, and messaging templates.

Okta was able to show the world how big they’ve become with visuals that were larger than life.

Seriously. There was a 100-foot banner.

Some other print designs were 12 foot agenda boards and multiple booth structures and meeting rooms.

Because everyone loves swag, we designed t-shirts, socks, and tote bags, among others.

Even the mirrors thought people looked pretty damn good in their new gear.

The event was a success, and Okta employees and guests danced onward to the tune of secure connections between people and technology.

Oh yeah, no big deal, but Bill Nye was the guest speaker.

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