The San Francisco Shipyard Brand

Branding a new San Francisco neighborhood 150 years in the making.

Butchershop develops the brand for San Francisco’s largest redevelopment project in a century.

It’s a delicate thing, revitalizing an entire neighborhood of San Francisco. Especially when that neighborhood has deep roots and a storied past.

Developers Lennar Urban came to Butchershop with challenge: create a brand identity that would fuel the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard’s rejuvenation.

We began by studying the community from every angle.

Our thorough research helped us build an identity that both celebrates the area’s history and sets the stage for a new story.

We selected a name—The San Francisco Shipyard—to evoke the spirit of industry and exploration that marked the area’s maritime past.

We used this same inspiration as the basis for the brand’s visual identity and voice.

We based the logo mark on the iconic Hunters Point gantry crane.

The crane, which was used in shipbuilding, still stands near The Shipyard as a beacon for residents and visitors to the neighborhood.

We named the first six residential buildings—Olympia, Merchant, Alma, Engel, Tides and Thayer—after local seafaring figures and themes.

Butchershop wrote a digital ad spot and recruited former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to narrate the voiceover. We worked with our good friend Scott Lyman of SPL Pictures to produce the film.

We also flushed out a teaser site to build momentum for the project while the first residences were being finished.

The teaser site eventually led to a fully-responsive marketing website, which reveals the neighborhood’s residential offerings, cultural highlights and 150-year history.

The site’s interactive master plan map shows the whole vision for the area in one immanently clickable place.

The Shipyard’s first 60 residential units were sold three months ahead of schedule.

The website took AVA Gold.

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