Volta Industries Brand Book

Helping people find their spot in the Voltaverse.

Volta has a crazy idea.

The San Francisco startup wants the world to adopt electric vehicles.

In their minds, technology has advanced enough to make EVs viable and reliable. And the benefits to our communities—quieter streets, cleaner air—are too indisputable to ignore.

However, people aren’t getting with the program. Only 0.72 % of the new cars sold in the US in 2014 were EVs.

A big part of the problem is accessibility.

That’s where Volta comes in.

They’re creating a nationwide network of free-to-use electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The stations live in prominent locations at prime retail venues and feature six-foot-high backlit advertising surfaces. The free service is supported by sponsorship and advertising revenue.

The other big problem is image.

Often EVs are cast as “soft”—effete, urban, environmentally conscious. Not exactly the most accessible brand perception in an industry dominated by muscle and machismo.

We decided to position Volta as the hosts of an awesome transcontinental party.

The party a name? The Voltaverse.

The Voltaverse was our solution to making EV culture more accessible—and communicating across industry lines.

Volta speaks to three audiences: (a) the brands that underwrite the service, (b) retailers who host the stations, and (c) the communities Volta operates in, and the people who will benefit most from EV adoption.

The Voltaverse created a coherent framework for communicating the values and relative benefits for retailers, brands, and the community alike.

We developed messaging and a visual identity to show this idea in action.

“Find your spot in the Voltaverse” became the tagline that brought everyone into the party.

The visual identity includes a new logo, icon system, data visualization system, and photography guide.

The visual direction illustrates what happens when EV culture becomes normalized in our communities.

It shows what good can come when brands get the chance to say something real that embodies the energy and pulse of people in the Voltaverse.

The Volta team jumped on the Voltaverse idea immediately.

When they made their first PR push, our messaging was taken up by media outlets such as Forbes and VentureBeat.

Their new sales deck also worked in a very tangible way. Within a month of launching the new brand, Volta signed their largest client to date.

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